“The Duke of Iowa” by Life to the Max TV

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After the 1995 release of the movie, “The Bridges of Madison County,” Winterset, IA, achieved international notoriety as the home of the covered Bridges of Madison County. Winterset is also the birthplace of Marion [Robert] Morrison–better known as John Wayne, “The Duke!” Guest host Greg Thunder hits the road to show us Wayne’s birthplace home and a museum of this international film and television icon. Thunder visits museum Director Brian Downes, former writer for the Chicago Tribune, who once interviewed “The Duke” in 1977.

“Bill on the Road” Returns to Winterset

First here during the summer of 2014, internet personality Bill Clevlen is drawn back to Winterset—“one of the best representations for the phrase ‘small town USA.’” He talks about visiting the newly-opened John Wayne Birthplace Museum and other delightful features of this Midwestern gem. Click here to read.